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Bob Peebler’s interest in the restaurant business has always borne an inclination toward innovative, extraordinary thinking.  In the 1980s he funded and launched Movie Man Pizza, a concept that combined pizza delivery with movie rental (this was back in the days of VHS tapes and local video stores).  Although short-lived, Bob learned much from the experience and he continued to hone and inform his entrepreneurial instincts while successfully leading and managing oil & gas companies.  A few  years back Bob again ventured into the restaurant business, this time with Ruggles Green, a successful Houston area brand widely regarded as an innovator in healthy dining.  Most recently, The Peebler Group has invested in Red Dog Ice House, an equally successful and innovative concept that brings high-quality casual dining to oil and gas crews working in remote locations. 

MovieMan 1980sThe Peebler Group remains actively engaged with innovators in the Restaurant, Hospitality and Entertainment industry, looking to both expand existing investment operations and fully assess promising new concepts.