Some of Bob’s Favorite Reads

Geoff Moore: Crossing the Chasm
Interesting perspectives on Crossing the Chasm, visit ReadWrite.

Clayton Christensen: Innovators Dilemma

Ted Levitt: Marketing Imagination (timeless marketing book)
Excerpt from Marketing Imagination

Andy Grove: Only The Paranoid Survives (a real world example of executive strategic thinking)
The simple concept of a Strategic Inflection Point is powerful; and I have used it many times. Having an experienced dispassionate "outsider" can help the insiders realize that they are at a strategic inflection point and, in my consulting role, I hope I can help executives grapple with some of the most challenging business issues related to Strategic Inflection Points. For some of the key points of the book, visit The CEO Refresher.

Geoff Moore: Escape Velocity
A video of my friend, Geoff Moore, explaining Escape Velocity to Stanford Business students. Worth watching!

Capgemini: TechnoVision 2012 for Upstream Oil & Gas (Point of View by Pat Quinlan, Dave Knox and Mark Dickson)