Energy Consulting References

“With a broad knowledge of energy services and technology, Bob Peebler is well known and respected within the oil & gas industry. He has demonstrated his understanding of the key ingredients needed to build successful businesses and achieve sustainable growth. Whether it is a turnaround or a new growth opportunity, companies and investors who are looking for strategic advice related to oil field services and technology businesses would do well to consider Bob as a strategic consultant in helping them gain success.”

“I have known and worked with Bob Peebler for nearly 25 years. I have seen him execute visionary strategies in a manner few people could replicate. He envisions future trends, knows how to pick the technology then turns it into a business. It is the last part that is unique and provides the greatest value-add. I have the highest respect for his integrity and ability to succeed.”

“Bob Peebler's vision and instincts as to where technology is heading and to capitalize on those trends is highly regarded within the E&P world. He is highly respected by both E&P companies and the investor community for his ability to identify technologies and companies that represent true innovation and growth potential.”

“There are few people in the world that can stand at the intersection of technology, management consulting, and energy, and claim expertise in all three. Bob Peebler is one of them. His intelligence, integrity, and good humor make him a superb advisor, and he has the imagination to take on the toughest challenges. I'd be hard pressed to recommend anyone better”

“Some executives are good at creating a compelling vision; some are good at translating visions into practical strategic moves; some can guide execution of plans really well. And some can accelerate growth in small companies and some know how to move large companies in new directions. As a consultant who has worked with senior leaders across scores of companies I know no one who is as strong as Bob in each and every one of these leadership dimensions.”

Hospitality/Entertainment References

“Our team first met Bob Peebler and his group when we presented our idea for a moveable restaurant targeted to small towns engaged in oil and gas plays.  It didn't take him long to see the uniqueness of the idea and they moved fast to provide the start-up capital.  The Peebler Group has a unique set of skills - Bob and his team share an entrepreneur's perspective, but also provide the financial resources and levelheaded management advice essential for early-stage growth companies.  They are great partners as they can bring both capital and experience to the table to help the management team grow its business.”

“We have known Bob Peebler and The Peebler Group since the early days of launching Ruggles Green.  They have been the sole source of growth capital beyond our original start-up location.  The Peebler Group not only generates capital, but the financial partners have entrepreneurial backgrounds with significant experience in building businesses.  Their advice is practical and invaluable in the process of scaling up our business.  Bob and his team are quick to recognize market trends and innovative concepts.  Bob is also a high-integrity person and easy to work with.”

“If business and project success could have an 'essence,' Bob Peebler would embody it.  He can unwind complex projects and teams to create a clear path to positive financial and organizational outcomes.  Bob does this by aligning teams and partners with the right positive objectives needed to accomplish their goals.  Bob demonstrates an innate ability to read people, organize projects around their strengths (or locate the best people to fill gaps), and create the self-empowered energy required to move a project to success.”