Success in the Hospitality/Entertainment industry depends heavily on identifying and conceptualizing trends that anticipate consumers’ needs and wants.  In order to fully and successfully leverage investment resources, it is essential that the brand be recognized as a leader, an innovator, and not a follower.

Our investment strategy is built on this premise, and we view innovative conceptual thinking as the most critical component of any new venture.  But there are many pieces to a successful investment puzzle.  For example, service and quality are equally essential – an investment can go flat if the quality of food or service fails to meet the highest standards.  We also consider the importance of location and marketability, including related costs – if these are misaligned, profit margins can vanish and a great idea can go to pieces very quickly. 

Because of the elevated risk associated with launching new restaurants or venues, our goal is to develop concise investment strategies and commit resources to new ventures that satisfy (or preferably exceed) a wide range of success-focused viability criteria.