Red Dog Ice House

The Peebler Group is a principal investor in Portable Ventures, a new company that created the Red Dog Ice House concept, a commitment to bringing high-quality casual dining to oil and gas crews working in remote locations.  Red Dog Ice House launched its first restaurant in 2013 in Carrizo Springs, a home away from home for thousands of oil and gas workers situated deep in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas. 

Red Dog Ice House offers the comfort and relaxed environment of a modern open-air ice house complete with a 40-foot bar, an array of flat screen TVs, and table seating for up to 120 guests.  Red Dog is stocked with familiar ice house staples including longneck beers, pitcher margaritas, steaks, burgers, baked potatoes and even fried pickles.  

Unlike other Ice Houses though, Red Dog is specifically designed for easy portability, an essential feature when catering to enormous work crews whose jobs periodically require them to migrate dozens or even hundreds of miles.  If a hub location rapidly depopulates, Red Dog Ice House is modularly designed to quickly roll up and relocate alongside the workers.

Additional Red Dog Ice Houses are in the works, with new locations targeted in south Texas.  To learn more, visit


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