Ruggles Green

With four restaurants in the Greater Houston area and new locations in the works, Ruggles Green is a well-recognized regional chain with a loyal following.  A leader in healthy dining and green operating practices, Ruggles Green proudly owns the title The Greenest Restaurants in Texas™.   Ruggles Green boasts a diverse menu with gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options, and incorporates abundant local and organic ingredients.  In addition, Ruggles Green operates in a green manner, including features such as recycling, diode lighting, and solar panels for power.

Ruggles Green represents The Peebler Group’s initial foray into the Hospitality/Entertainment industry, and the concept has proved highly successful.  It has also been widely imitated in recent years as health-conscious dining continues to rapidly emerge in the market, and restaurateurs seek to enhance dining options and attract new customers in one of the most fiercely competitive of industries.  Ruggles Green is a widely respected trendsetting brand, and the company remains committed to quality and innovation by continuously developing new menu items to accompany longtime customer favorites.

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